for what it's worth it's worsening

This weekend began with a migraine and a conscious decision that I needed to listen to Boys Night Out. On the way there I got caught up on The People's Key and never made it there. The weekend flew buy and I was left driving to class this morning remembering about how I forgot such a simple and great idea. So my musical morning was dedicated to that and nothing else. Turned out to be one of my best choices in recent history. I dabbled with a little of "Make Yourself Sick" then sunk back into "Trainwreck", which is in my opinion one of the best albums ever. It really captures the idea that music can tell a story and if you haven't heard it yet, sit down and listen to the entire thing in order then tell me you're not impressed. After everything I left the weekend sore, bruised. blistered, overtired, and convinced I'm never going to let myself forget? to listen to something that I already know I want to. Learn from my mistakes.


Also, It's time to start getting excited!
Manchester Orchestra - Simple Math


White Lies

I'm not sure if Nate showed me these guys before, but I am really digging them. There this sort of presence the retro lead vocals brings to the chorus and makes it powerful. The video's they put out aren't holding back either. Enjoy.



Bright Eyes

I know nothing I post is up to date like all the others bloggers, but it's when I interact with things I feel is the best time to totally express my feelings about them to you. With that said, I just watched the "Shell Games" music video put out by Bright Eyes. In the beginning I thought it was just another bright eyes song, one that goes la da di dada(don't get me wrong I eat that shit up) but then the song came to an early climax and set me straight. My eyes stayed glued to my monitor for the rest of the video. I really enjoyed it, and i'm glad it had the upbeat surprise that carried through the rest of the song. The overlaying shots of the band members eccentrically moving about through each other really spoke about the fun of the song, and the importance to everybody's part in it. Four out of five stars, can't wait to hear the rest of the album!


bat for lashes

In honor if their push into the mainstream with a Gucci ad and their great cover of Radiohead's "All I Need", I decided to share. I know the old blog proverb that you don't cover Radiohead....ya just don't. But!, this was actually very well done and I hope they make a recording of it or find one they may have already made? So give it a chance, she actually decently encompasses Thom's passion in it, ya know. They were right back at it covering Depeche Mode's "Strangelove", but being it was produced for a Gucci ad and is available to download fo frreeee, I think that happened first.

Bat for Lashes - Strangelove (Depeche Mode)

This is why you know them in case you forgot.


comfort music?

In the haste of exploration, I get way to caught up in what's new and I haven't heard. Some people like Devin focus on loving some music where I tend to focus more on liking a lot of music, sometimes far too much of it. Multiple days of nothing else to do but sit and really get lost in music is a great time to go back and see what moves you, works for me at least. Scrolling down I see things that stick out from the past year or two and see what may have deserved more of my time and what really was a phase. Well I've had a pretty long weekend and finally tonight I dug back far enough to come back on Darwin Deez. I wouldn't say I ever forgot about them, I've probably listened to them in passing on a monthly basis. But it really hit me tonight. In my opinion they've just got it. Emotional, pleasant, and effective music. Not a bad combination. And I realize it may just be me but here's a couple of my favorites in case you tend to overlook things more often than you should as well. Very Tokyo Police Club ish.

Darwin Deez - Bad Day
Darwin Deez - Bed Space
Darwin Deez - The Bomb Song

Another Day To Remember

As i'm talking to my best friends scattered across the east coast over the interweb, I see that ADTR has a new video(new to me at least). I fucking love this band, and I don't care if they supposedly sold out, cus there still the same people in the same band I grew up listening to. I remember when I saw them in beautiful Utica, NY when I was in 11th or 12th grade, and there were prolly 50 kids there. Nowadays their headlining sold out tours. But it was fun then, and it's still fun now, and their message is positive. It's about friends and family, and the lack of difference between the two, and it's about how simply playing/hearing music is the best thing on Earth.



Tokyo Police Club

Tokyo Police Club has always put me in a good mood, and I hope it does for you too.



More Julian Plenti is... skyscraper

This is an amazing video I found recently after viewing the last one I posted a couple minutes ago. I couldn't like this video any more, the cinematography that overlays with the song is perfect. The video was shot in '82, and was adopted to make this music video. Holy Shit


Julian Plenti is... Skyscraper

This is the solo project of Paul Banks, lead singer of Interpol (one of my favorite bands.) I was wikipediaing or whatever and stumbled upon the solo act, then typed her into youtube and this jem popped up!



New Wallpaper Project

So if you follow The Fox Is Black's blog formerly known as kitsunenoir, you will know I like to borrow many of he and his colleagues posts and ideas. I just can't help it, he is a big inspiration to me. My favorite thing has always been the desktop wallpaper project, because if you know me, theres nothing more important than having my big bright monitor displaying something that inspires me, or just compliments the style of my studio (small ass room). I already copied his idea for the wallpaper series, and am now copying his new desktop wallpaper series of interpretations of albums. He chose to pick an artist and create a wallpaper visually interpretating each album from that artist. Not to be completely ripping the idea off, I plan on choosing one album from each artist. These albums have to be opinionatively the most powerful/meaningful/whatever... THE BEST album from each artist. I plan on picking the first one since I have already started doodling in class, and then let my colleague Nathan pick the next one, and after that one of our loyal readers. As far as the artwork, do your own, or tell me the album and i'll do my best. Were going to try and do one a week, and they will be due by sunday night at midnight. Participate!


p.s // Any guess on what album I will chose?


the worst day

This song kind of just hit me on the drive home. It's tone just kind of worked for a day that started off so warm and hopeful and ended cold and dead.

it's free

Heavy Stuff

While She Sleeps is damn good, and their different enough from all that other post hardcore synth bullshit for me to appreciate, so enjoy.



Multitasking in a bad mood

So today I discovered the new The Hood Internet mixtape and once again got to thinking how much better the world could really be, my world for that matter. I know Devin feels the same way, when your at a party or someones house and the best idea for music they can put on is whatever they've heard on the radio in the past 6 months, or couple years if they are the really adventurous types. It's just something that really boils my blood and embarrasses the shit out of me, like uggs. So I guess this is my attempt of coping with a society I don't like. Anyways here's a couple songs that a great examples of how people can just do a little bit better at life there's about 10 songs on here I want to post so if you like what you hear go buy the album or find it elsewhere because I'm not so into dealing with copyright issues so here.

good takes on songs you know you'd hear out somewhere anyways:
Rude Baptism (Rihanna x Crystal Castles)
Oh My Kids (Usher x Sleigh Bells)
Blowin Money at the Deli (Drake x Birdman x Delorean)

these couple kind of just speak for the selves in the title:
The XX Gon Give it to Ya (DMX x The XX)
Virginia is for Cameras (Clipse x Matt & Kim)

this song is just flat out good for hearing:
Show Me the O.N.E. (Yeasayer x Jump Jump Dance Dance x GRUM)

Lastly I really like GRUM anyways so here's his video for "Through the Night" because I'm just so damn ambitious right now!



slow club

This is in my opinion, a band that really sneaks up on you. It really seems like a band you've heard before, due to the style being so common in today's music, but the versatility of this band is what separates them. They can go from a song like "Trick Question" which is very Eisleyesque, to "Dance til the Morning Light", which can draw comparisons from numerous different bands. They really find a way to make it work in their own, unique, slightly better way though. Have a listen?

Slow Club - Dance til the Morning Light
Slow Club - Trick Question
Slow Club - Let's Fall Back in Love



Sometimes you just gotta be pissed. This can help:



As I was sitting in the library on my only hour off today, I stumbled across a blog called Forgotten_Hopes and foud this video as well as a shitload of other inspiring design work. Now watch this shit and obey.


new wallpaper

This is the new wallpaper

Summer People

Here is the latest from our own Binghamton native band "Summer People." While they were in NYC recently they stopped in to record a Pink Couch Session They will be having a couple shows in places like Binghamton, Syracuse, and Ithaca to kick off the release of their new album "Teamwork." I really fell in love with this band last semester, and can't wait to hear more!



A Classic to Fit My Current Mood

When the chemicals make the unbalance so severe, my brain can only tolerate certain things that are hard to come by. In this case it was my indecisive journey of scrolling through artists that left me more and more agitated as time burned in the upright corner of my monitor. This blur of text continued on until I scrolled past Mewithoutyou and quickly changed the direction back to find my old buddy glowing so prevalent through my dirty lenses. My caffeinated heartbeat skipped a beat with enlightenment, and I double clicked my favorite track just in time to save the day.