Also for Nathan

Nate if you didn't know loves the frends crew, so heres a little update with the goofy ass Danny Davis and Mikkel Bang. Welcome to the team frend.



Also known as Alexander Ebert from Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. Truth was released a bit ago and Million Years was released yesterday, as well as the whole album leaked. So here's Million Years and John Vanderslice's cover of Walkabout by Atlas Sound, who's new album White Wilderness is also worth a listen.

Alexander - Million Years
John Vanderslice - Walkabout (Atlas Sound)

anna sun

I saw this video a couple weeks ago and forgot about it. Found it again and couldn't not post it. I really like the song and am currently investigating the band, gotta have more. The video is also pretty entertaining. Also, how could I not show Devin with all the facepaint.

For Nathan

Those new dc boards are tight.


Gotta love this guy, he is the best snowboarder in the world by the way.


The Beginners

This looks like a feel good emotional rollercoaster, can't wait to see the full film.



This is mainly for you Dev, but still wort a watch for others. It's just been a while since we got into the whole Whale phase and I remember how much you liked this song.

Here's a link for more Said the Whale: link


Mark Gonazeles

While were on the subject of skateboarding, figured I would show you the famous Mark Gonazeles. Pro Skater/Artist Gonazeles is a creative who expresses himself in his art work, but even better through the way he skateboards. He flows through the streets of NYC as if it was his last day on Earth, and the last thing he wanted to do was ride his skateboard.


Man About Town

I was going through thefoxisblack archives and found this really
cool video of Killian Martin doing creative tricks on a skateboard.



Rill Rill

Incase you haven't already seen this somewhere on the internet machine, it's here....and everywhere else for that matter. However Rill Rill was one of my favorite songs of last year. On an album I found to be mediocre, it really stood out.


oh yeah

Almost forgot...a worthy post. Gypsy & the Cat, great band but Gilgamesh is a song that will get stuck in your head for weeks. It also happens to be the album title and is well worth the purchase if your that type of person. anyways here is Gilgamesh and another track of which I have not yet decided. They have a great 80's/ new wave/ awesome feel and are well worth your 8 minutes.

Gypsy & the Cat - Gilgamesh

Gypsy & the Cat - Sight of a Tear


This is sort of a post for the sake of posting. Anyways I like Toro Y Moi and chances are if you've heard them and found your way here so do you. Here's a kind of cliche yet still good video for the song Still Sound, enjoy!


back to the routine

It's been a nice break but school has returned. I really started getting into the new Iron & Wine today. As you've probably noticed if you've listened it's a bit different from normal but they still have a couple "normal" songs. So here are 3 of my favorite's from normalist to least normalist.

Iron & Wine - Tree By the River
Iron & Wine - Walking Far From Home
Iron & Wine - Rabbit Will Run

Wallpaper Wednesday

Check out these wallpapers found at transworld snowboarding
Riders: Danny Davis, Dylan Thompson, and consecutive rider of the year John Jackson.

(wheres nate?)


New Shepard Fairey Interview

Shepard Fairey - Obey to be Better! from Gestalten on Vimeo.

I found this on my favorite blog thefoxisblack and thought that Shepard raised some good points. You also get to see quite the selection of his work if you haven't before.



Your Demise > Fresh Things

So I have an obsession with music videos, and today I found a good one. It's a track called "Miles Away," and it's off the newest album from Your Demise. It's definetly a change in direction from what the band was a year ago, but I like it. Lately ive been really sick of so called hardcore bands that have no depth or emotion, so when I found this video and album I was just delighted.



My New Favorite Graphic Designer

The Name is Ryan Rhodes, and I found some of his type work on our vacation in Vermont on a great blog called "Grain Edit." His use of shape and texture creates a really unique look to his design work, especially his typography. The distortion in his work seems as if it had been created using photocopy manipulation in order to get the grungy film grain (which I am obsessed with). I also enjoy the tribal look that the small primary shapes together make, and it is reflected numerously in his work. I'm definetely adding Ryan's website to my bookmarks for inspiration!