Rain or Shine

Great Cinematography and skating.

New video from The National

The National made a video for their new song "Think You Can Wait" on the upcoming movie Win Win. It's basically them just doing what they do so it's good....not too exciting though. From what I've heard and seen the movie looks to be pretty good also. Plus the Win Win theme works for the theme of baseball day when the Yankees already have two runners on and Cano up in the first game of 2011.


new trouble

Trouble Andrew's new album was released today. Because of his relevance to this blog and that I know most if the readers like him anyways I felt it my duty. so here's the link to stream the whole album. You can flashgot it if you want or wait a couple days for a quality rip.


a couple songs:


Chip Kidd

So I just finished Chip Kidd's first book "The Cheese Monkeys," and before I order the sequal "The Learners," I figured I would post my reaction on the first book. Chip is a graphic designer/author who mostly designs jackets for books, and decided to write a couple himself. The "Cheese Monkeys" was a really good read about a young man going through the state school system with an art concentration. Shortly into the book he finds himself in an intro to communication arts with a teacher who is passionate and hard nosed, and clearly over qualified. He also meets a girl who will test his patience just as much as his teacher in his quest to survive to the next critique, and to learn something along the way. After meeting Chip this year, I really appreciate the book, he is a great guy, and a great designer/author.


I was a Freshman once....

In the height of the whole Crank Dat era at here's to memories.


Whale bands

You shouldn't judge a band solely on their name. Though in my experience throwing a whale in the name usually works out pretty well. Freelance Whales and Said the Whale are a couple of my favorites. I kind of always overlooks Noah and the Whale. I listened a few times and never thought much about it. However, in my oodles of new music their new album really stood out. Not only that but it got me into their older music too. So, save the whales.

Noah and the Whale - L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.
Noah and the Whale - Wild Thing

Noah And The Whale – Blue Skies
Noah and the Whale - 2 Atoms in a Molecule


Crime In Stereo

Small Skeletal (Video)

Crime in Stereo | Myspace Music Videos

I was over at my buddies house exchanging music and he recommended Crime In Stereo, and i'm really digging it. The style compares to Brand New with it's dark chords and emotional vocals. Really excited to kill all their albums.

p.s. shortly after I posted this I checked out their myspace and their first friend is Brand New. yikes!



Robin Pecknold

Sifting through my oodles of new tunes from the past week or so, I found this little gem that Robin Pecknold (Fleet Foxes) did with Ed Droste. So I listened about 10 times and couldn't really get past it, I suggest you do the same if for some reason you haven't yet.

Robin Pecknold - I'm Losing Myself (ft. Ed Droste)

and here's a great Smiths cover by Dum Dum Girls.....its no Morissey but it's a nice reminder of him

Dum Dum Girls – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Kurt Vile

Sitting here in class listening to GrooveShark I stumbled on a band named Kurt Vile. The song was on a recommended playlist put together by Interpol.



SHOW: The Chariot, MCMB,

Going to a show seems to always be sporadic, it's a last second call on what will soon be the best decision you could have possibly made for your plans on that evening. Two nights ago I heard through the grapevine of college friends that there was to be a hardcore show in Syracuse. My first thought was "I must go." Hopped in the car and we were off. Preloaded with some alcohol and adrenaline, we pull up to the "Lost Horizon," and found a parking spot. As we finished the beers in my car we watched the crowd of scenesters plug up the sidewalks with doors wide opened, and MyChildren MyBride full blast. As dusk was rolled in so did my long lost friend Scott Harvey (one of the few readers of this blog.) So with everybody in the crew all present we made our way into the place. First thing that happened was I bumped into Mathew, the lead singer of MCMB. He was a really cool guy, and we talked about the band, and I asked some lyrical questions that I had always wondered about. The show started and we got down in the pit immediately, and the bruises accumulated fast. Fists and feet were flying in all directions, and this was for the local band that no one even knew. The next band A Plea For Purging came out and I ran immediately to get back in the action after a shot or two at the bar. Ran in and within a second my face made contact with someones fist or foot, and I blacked out for a second. So as soon as I entered I left and sat down at the bar again (bartender laughs at my quick return) Anyways I have no idea why I am rambling about this nonsense, what I originally was posting about was the amazing band member in MCMB, and THE CHARIOT! The Chariot coudln't have played a heavier, more electric set. The stage presence was that of an cheetah chasing down a zebra and tearing apart it's beautiful stripes. I don't know why I haven't been listening to them, but I promise I will start now. I should have learned from the first time I saw them and was also blown away. Got a shirt too, my new buddy Mathew from MCMB designs them himself.