for lack of recent utilization

if anyone see's the guy in the middle blink let me know, squinting doesnt count


happy holidays

this could be one of the worst and best things i've ever seen, all at once!


In case ya didn't know

Of Monsters and Men is pretty good. Kind of like a hybrid of mumford and sons, the rural alberta advantage, and bjork (the only icelandic think I can think of at the moment besides Techno Viking). Worth a listen though (solid b+ musically though a d- as far as the name goes (if I'd have said f someone might have misinterpreted it as a "fail" but if you every call something a "fail" your opinion loses any importance)), seems like they've been around forever but their debut was only released in September.
Of Monsters And Men - Lakehouse
Of Monsters & Men – “Little Talks”

And, it's Christmas and I'm finally starting to feel it. Watching "The Year Without a Santa Claus" tonight and all. So here's this.

Lastly, my bad idea of the day. For the beginning of a power play, instead of Sandstorm or some shit, play Lay U Down by G-Unit. It would work great in NY but the Rangers have too much class and the Islanders don't really count for much of anything.

Now everyone have a great week.

The Contortionist - Vessel