In case ya didn't know

Of Monsters and Men is pretty good. Kind of like a hybrid of mumford and sons, the rural alberta advantage, and bjork (the only icelandic think I can think of at the moment besides Techno Viking). Worth a listen though (solid b+ musically though a d- as far as the name goes (if I'd have said f someone might have misinterpreted it as a "fail" but if you every call something a "fail" your opinion loses any importance)), seems like they've been around forever but their debut was only released in September.
Of Monsters And Men - Lakehouse
Of Monsters & Men – “Little Talks”

And, it's Christmas and I'm finally starting to feel it. Watching "The Year Without a Santa Claus" tonight and all. So here's this.

Lastly, my bad idea of the day. For the beginning of a power play, instead of Sandstorm or some shit, play Lay U Down by G-Unit. It would work great in NY but the Rangers have too much class and the Islanders don't really count for much of anything.

Now everyone have a great week.

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