I am lazy and slightly sorry about it. Thanksgiving activities consumed quite a bit of our time as did my quest to become the greatest NHL11 player ever. Here's a pile of consumables to occupy you for minutes and minutes.

This band is the best Phoenix copy cat I've yet to see, with the potential to break the mold. Just wish I'd have caught on about a month ago.
Strange Talk - Eskimo Boy
Strange Talk - Climbing Walls

This last fellow needs you to check out his "Kangaroo" EP, for your sake not his.



I give bands second chances when they are on Mediafire.


Huge Props to This Guy!

if you are smart, you will watch this.


frontier ruckus

Today was a big new music day for me. I've got about 15 bands I'm sifting through and one of the most intriguing is Frontier Ruckus. I'm about through their album "Deadmalls & Nightfalls" and am quite impressed. I guess the only way I can describe them is Canadian folk country? See for yourself:

Frontier Ruckus - Nerves of the Nightmind
Frontier Ruckus - I Do Need Saving
Frontier Ruckus - Silverfishes
Frontier Ruckus - Pontiac, the Nightbrink


Joe Sexton A Day In The Life

I love his style in snowboarding, but i think i like it even more skating.



new jj/ old chiddy bang

Just heard this song over at gorillavsbear and I'm instantly hooked. "Let Them" samples from a techno song I know well but can't put my finger on, though it sounds like Alice DeeJay. Also, the cover of T.I. and The XX's "intro" will be thrown in because its there and good as well. Lastly I'll put on the Chiddy bang song I havent been able to get out of my head the last couple days. Also, theres a Naked and Famous remix because I can. Though Chiddy Bang is the kind of music that will only last me about a week before I start to hate it, it might be fun for that week.

jj :: let them
jj :: i’m the one / money on my mind
Chiddy Bang – Bad Day (Feat. Darwin Deez)
The Naked & Famous – Young Blood (Chiddy Bang Remix)


Trophy Wife

Thanks to dailybeatz for this band. The more times I listen to it the more I like it. Even though I only have the these two songs, their ep was released in the UK today and will be stateside soon so keep your eyes open.
Trophy Wife – Microlite
Trophy Wife – Take This Night

New Daft Punk

Another song from the upcoming "Tron Legacy" soundtrack by Daft Punk has graced the intreenet so give it a listen. Its pretty much exactly what one would expect given its an end credit song, supposedly. A nice smooth clean beat to smile on your way out of the theater to. Unless of course a dance party breaks out at the end of the movie, so who knows.


Random Bastards "7UP" Full Movie

Random Bastards presents 7UP from Random Bastards on Vimeo.

So right after I posted this ive been watching it and had to pause it to write this... This is a sick video, especially fo free, these guys are talented as well as hilarious, and really know how to slam!



Wallpaper Series Begins

We've got a new wallpaper to start the desktop wallpaper series. We plan on getting you a new one every week, so go to the wallpaper page on the blog and all the sizes and other wallpapers are listed there. Also we hope to get other artists to contribute to the wallpaper series, so if you are interested let us know or contact us on the chat board


Danny and the Dingo

Nate and I have acquired a favorite new show this summer called Danny and The Dingo, and it's coming back November 16th at 10pm on Fuel TV. This teaser gets me really excited!


Silk Screen Print

Hey, just wanted to show you what ive been doing instead of posting on the blog. Ive been working on this print which i finally finished last night. This is a greeting card (unfolded) for the new snowboard movie the crew is going to make in the winter months. So sorry for the lack of posting, I will try and keep up with Nate from now on.



a couple notes

This week is going to be quite busy for me and Devin doesn't get around to posting much. So, for the 3 or 4 of you who care, it may be a bit slow, but I will do what when I can.

1st I can't get this song out of my head so I will basically copy the ear blessings post.

Crystal Castles ft. Robert Smith- Not in Love

2nd: Here is a site to download most every "action sports" video there is. Still waiting on 9191 though.