Skate and Destroy

For the last couple months I have regularly been following the action on The Berrics skate wear-house's website. Owners Steve Berra and Eric Koston own the place and film everything that goes down in there. The most popular event they hold is the games of skate that are formed into large tourny's entitled Battle At The Berrics. It's really starting to heat up as the third tourny is cruising by. This tourny is Us vs Them which means united states vs the world, and the U.S is killing it. Oh and also theres qualifying soon to begin for the next Street League!



Trouble Gang Mixtape

Free Download

Big Bad Wolves

The album art and tracklist for August Burns Red's new album were released today. I'm more excited than ever just because of the title of the album. When you listen I'm sure you'll end up just like the house on the albums cover.

1. Empire
2. Internal Cannon
3. Divisions
4. Cutting the Ties
5. Pangaea
6. Carpe Diem
7. 740 Nights
8. Salt & Light
9. Poor Millionaire
10. 1/16/2011
11. Boys of Fall
12. Leveler

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:
13. Internal Cannon (acoustic)
14. Pangaea (performed by Bells)
15. Boys of Fall (performed by Zachary Veilleux)
16. Empire (midi)

Release Date: June 21st

Summer with Dellas

So I have been looking for internships/work this summer so that I can break free of the word "broke." My teacher told me about a place looking for a student, and so I contacted them. Their name is Dellas Graphics, and they are a print/mail shop located in Syracuse. The above illustrations are from clients who annually create frog illustrations for the company's calendar. Not exactly sure what their obsession with frogs is yet, but i'm sure i'll find out soon. This is very exciting for me, but what does it mean for my summer with my homies? Well I don't think it should take away from it too much since i'm only going to be working 3 maybe 4 days a week, plus Scotts camp is relatively close to 'Cuse, so maybe it will give us an excuse to be beach bums more often. Also maybe I will be able to visit my long lost buddy Lucas Gardner.



The One Who's Not in Jail

Here's a demo from A Lot Like Birds + Kurt Travis. It's still a little rough at the moment, but at least its not Jonny Craig's voice.


semesters end

Here's something to think about as yet another year of school passes bye.

Happy Easter

Just been thinking about these lyrics lately and thought I would work with some type this weekend. I didn't plan on putting this on the blog on Easter, but it works I guess.


Stray From the Path

In less Easter friendly news, heres Stray from the Path's video for "Damien". The song is about problems caused by those who blindly follow religion or any system of beliefs. Its not an attack on anyone or anything but ignorance. Here's a quote from the lead singer on the subject:

"[The music video is] not to shit on people who believe in God or any religion for that matter. Its about the evils and ignorance in things like religion. If someone believes in it because they feel like it works for them, then that is good. Not because a band does, or anything else. They do it for themselves. But just because they believe and you don't, doesn't mean you have to shit on it. Just respect that its different than what you believe."

I'm pretty sure I've heard those exact words come out of Nate's mouth. Why is it so hard for everyone else to figure out? My apologies for the heavy post, I'll save the rest for drunken bonfire talks in 2 weeks.

I was thinking of the band because I know they are just as depressed as I am about the Rangers loss yesterday, which ended their season. I gotta get my hands on one of these shirts at the Norma Jean show in Syracuse. Also, there is a Blackhawks fan in the band so Nathan you can love them too.

Happy Easter

I'm celebrating by watching and receiving chills from by August Burns Red's live DVD "Home". They are undoubtedly my favorite christian band. I cannot even describe how amazing their music is so I'll let the video speak for itself. The band is down with Jesus, but won't try to push their beliefs on you and I love that about them. I highly recommend watching this DVD from start to finish.

Also, while I was watching I spotted this little gem from iMatter festival in Elmira, NY last summer. Devun had told me about the video so I checked it out. So sad I missed this show two years in a row. If your jaw doesn't drop watching Matt Greiner on drums, theres something wrong with you.

Kinda Like the Band We Saw Last Night



Sometimes Two is Better Than One

The Arusha Accord use an unusual dual-vocalist (without instruments) arrangement. At first I didn't know what to think of it, but they pull it off. It definitely adds versatility to the what they can perform live, although they got a little to versatile with the clear vocals, which are pretty mediocre. I feel like the song could've easily gone without them. I'm really digging their style though, check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

In Case You Didn't Believe Us the First Time

Here's The Chariot's new video for "The City." Some of the footage is new and some old, but all of it is absolutely insane. I can't stress this enough, go see this band live.

This was the solution well before teen angst.

(Nate wanted to post ((the Bulls Were Good Back Then))


You Better Shut Your Fucking Mouth Before I Rip It Off Your Face.



Just Watch

Grow Some Hair

Really enjoyed this even with my fear of bald people. If August Burns Red and For the Fallen Dreams had a baby this bald thing would come out.


How and why have I not heard of this band until today?! Listen to everything they've ever written.

Lesson Learned

Time and time again I have ignored bands based solely on their name and end up regretting it later. This was definitely the case with War From a Harlots Mouth. Maybe its a German thing? I don't really get it. I'm not a huge fan of all of their music by any means, but I can't get enough of this music video for "To Age and Obsolete" (even if the editing makes no sense most of the time).

I kinda surprised myself with that last one since I'm usually not the deathcore kinda guy. The band's video for "Crooks At Your Door" would usually suite me a little better. The band had a completely different mathcore sound back when this video was made. I like them both quite a bit and have learned my lesson about judging a band by its (awful) name.



Here is Alexander Ebert from Edward Sharpe adn the Magnetic Zeros video for his single "A Million Years" I'm pretty sure I posted the song once upon a time. The entire album is worth a listen and this song is quite representative of the overall tone. Th video fits the music very well and is very well done. However it reminded me of the Jackass 3 painted butt poop train thing and kind of killed it for me. Sorry about putting that in your head.

Call to Arms

Game 4 tonight, here's a video to get any Rangers fans out there fired up (even if they have to work). Also, a pleasant comment from the overweight coach who cant seem to fit behind the benches at MSG, Bruce Boudreau,

"Well, the one thing, its reputation is far better than the actual building," the coach said. "I mean, it's nothing. The locker rooms are horrible. The benches are horrible. There's no room for anything. But the reputation of being in Madison Square Garden is what makes it famous. Also, our building's a lot louder, too. So I mean, they can say what they want, but it's not that loud in there."

And another when he realized what how many Rangers fans he had pissed off and took the cowards way out.

"You know, you guys mustn't have a lot of work to do, because they're making improvements to the arena. Are they not? Are they not making $800 million worth of improvements to the arena? It's a fabulous place to play, the atmosphere is great – it's the world's most famous arena. All I said was that the conditions in the dressing room were not up to par."


Get pissed Rangers fans, or anyone who loves the world's most famous arena. I wanna hear plenty of "Can you hear us!?" chants at MSG tonight. Lets go Rangers!


Newish > Horse The Band

This is a must see, i'm not sure how new it is, but it's newer than my collection has to offer. I used to blast these guys oldest album in my apartment in Utica constantly, and now listening to their newer stuff really brings me back. This new stuff clearly has the potential to be even better I believe, and i'm heading a page over to click away at a shopping spree.


Nah let's get happy!!! Rolo Tomassi

Thank you It-Leaked for this fresh new sound, and oh would you just look at that frontman woman, she's a cute little number with a hell of a set of chords. This reminds me of HorseTheBand, a sound that I truly miss. Rolo Tomassi keeps me interested the whole time, and keeps my ADD brutally satisfied.



Lets be sad together.

Not really though, but this post is about Mansions. They/he has always meant quite a bit to me. I listened constantly to the 10ish songs and their remixes I had my freshman year of college and on. I never thought it was anything that special musically or anything, though I did like it. Also, I normally don't like the whole whiny voice thing, though he does have his own unique way of doing this. All I could figure is the only reason I like it as I do is because its just so sad. There is a great deal of sad music out there, but this is just so perfectly depressing. It truly just is exactly what it is and great at that. So after a few weeks of Chris' new album floating around each playlist I've made, he didn't disappointed. Felicia even tell's me he's a quite cheery man in person as well, go figure. Enjoy, or be sad, as you will.

Close that Door
Call Me When It's Over


Just some inspiration I found at my favorite blog Grain Edit.
Artwork: Marius Roosendaal



Absolute Brooklyn

So last night I decided to have a mellow night, so some friends and I thought we should get a bottle that we haven't had before. Vodka always seems to be the choice i'm voting against, but we were sold on bottle design, and the fact it had a red apple and ginger flavor. Absolute Brooklyn it was called; a limited edition collaboration with Spike Lee that benefited Habitat for Humanity in NYC. I would have to say that it was one of the best drinks I have had in a long time. It tastes great by itself, and worked really well also in a screw driver.


Chill Oot

It's hockey day....


Deathbed Athiest> Norma Jean

Heres another video from Norma, actually forgot about this one till now. This ones on their new album Meridional which I have been listening to quite a bit.

On another note: I have been noticing lately that my mind works very subliminally, and one of the instances has to do with the connection between Norma Jean and Norma Jean. As you know I have been really digging the band, and making it my mission to know every lyric, guitar riff, and drum beat by heart. While my brain cleans up my daily agenda like a brand new sponge, it also soaks up everything my eyes see and ears hear. And when I attempt to express myself, I end up ringing out that sponge to see what comes out. In most cases I am dissatisfied in thinking what I have expressed has no true meaning to me, or my life.. but sometimes it does, and I can't even see it until later on. For example: When I was designing the new header for the blog, my intentions were to be non-objective. Something told me to use an image of Marilyn Monroe. If you didn't know, Marilyn Monroe's real name is Norma Jean. This could be a coincidence, or not. But with the every day fluff of deadlines, paperwork, and thoughts about the meaning of life filling my head and spilling out of my ears, I think there are connections being made without any effort or conceptual planning, and I like that. This only further illustrates how much music means to people, and how significant of an impact it has on our lives.


Spies Like Us

I don't know if I really like these guys. But what I do like is the small unique parts that break away from the continuosly typical. I'll give em a try but im sure i'll be dragging/dropping them out of my itunes and in the trash soon enough, that is unless the rest of the album (which is coming out early summer) is less predictable. Im gunna go listen to some Norma. pce.

ps. Merry Questmas everyone in Oswego.



Asking Alexendria

The new album is really growing on me. Quite mean and in my opinion a bit better than BMTH's latest....Decide for yourself though.



Ya we'll be seeing you for the 1st ever 8 seed cup. Hooray for teams beating ass with nothing to play for!!!!! Especially when our teams like to choke in the last couple games. Skizz will be taking pictures at game 2. Right?!


Rangers Fight Their Way To The Playoffs

New York Rangers NHL Logo Clip Art Glitter Glitterized by

What happened is that the Rangers had to beat the Devils, and the Lightning had to beat the Hurricanes. All said and done it worked out, see you in the playoffs.


- Wasted Bullet -

Got these guys new album a couple days ago, I was looking for muscle and I got it. Not too much to say about it, well I guess I could say I laughed through this whole video, kind of ... well nothing going on. I think if they had some sort of quick cut throat scenes it would contrast their attempt of a Richard Avedon white backdrop affect, and also give the guitarist on the right a break from two-stepping in quick sand. All jokes aside, the song is sick, and so is the album.


森の木琴 Touch Wood

This post I stole from Bobby over at The Fox Is Black, and I couldn't help but repost it here. This is a commercial by DOCOMO for the Touch Wood SH-08C phone. The use of the wood ball rolling over the planks of wood to create different tones is super creative, and natural in the environment it was shot. It reminds me of how humans can actually enter nature and create something so large without intruding on it. Kind of like the human version of a bowerbird nest. The way the commercial is shot with such patience really drew me in, and i found myself starring at my monitor so close my nose was almost touching. Coming to the climax at the end was my favorite part, where everything literally fell into place, and the concept was revealed. O ya the phone is kind of cool too.




So it's been about 4 days, and I've listened to this song umpteen thousand times. I realize it's not that good I just cant stop listening. Your turn to try if you haven't already.

a couple others to extend the length of the post

Oh fifa (not a big fan of the last really, just miss the original and it's relevant)

anyways, look into more of the endless mixes of her stuff out there right now if your interested


because i can

Its the beginning of April and I'm already missing snow...and other things. Good times



Everything RAC

So the remix artist RAC hit 2000 followers on soundcould, which is pretty cool. However he also posted his entire portfolio for listen and download via soundcloud and I've got the ability to embed it. He is one of my personal favorites, so I guess this is as much of a reference for me to always keep on hand as for your listening. If you want a couple good examples check out what he did to Rescue Song by Mr. Little Jeans, Surfer Blood, and Edward Sharp. Pretty imaginative guy.....

RAC Portfolio by RAC


ALBUM REVIEW: Vs the Anti Mother // Norma Jean

So I'm aware that this is an older album, but my buddies and I just never really got into the hype at the time. It's pretty typical for me to neglect a band while it's in it's prime, and then go back to it years later and fully appreciate it.
Anyways... Norma Jean is a band that i've been really into lately, and it all started after I saw the Chariot for the second time. (in case you didn't know, Josh Scogin is the lead singer of the Chariot and former vocalist of Norma.) I have been listening to the Chariot for years now, and figured I should go back to Norma and compare the two. I would have to say over-all I dig Norma more, and the main reason is "Vs of the Anti Mother."
The album was released in 2008, following their first 3 albums. The band changed members frequently, and each substitution led to different sounds between each of the albums. Two vocalists after Scogin left was Cory Brandan, a vocalist who fits the band perfectly. The beauty of the whaling distorted guitar riffs and Brandan's vocals battle each other in harmony. The less than perfect semi-clear vocals are unique, and flow in and out of screams like crunchy peanut butter and jelly, and display an immense amount of emmotion. Another thing that draws me in is the guitars which have no mid-tones, it's either full blast or nothing. They possess a cheap sludge sound that when repeated together creates a strong presence. The band knows how to break it down to mellow moments of breathing only to break the surface once again.
The lyrics possess a dark image that tells of a struggle and impatience with society, and it's dark ways. The overall message screams frustration with the unconscious, evil choices people make, and continue making. Also the means of change, no matter what it takes. Issues such as war are addressed and shamed. "Carry your flags, march into that fictional cause and show off that medal
Just don't reach for that gun
" They can get to be a bit vague in some meanings, but the overall message is clear.
After all is said, the album takes me to a place in it's own, somewhere unique and dark, with a musty smell. If you haven't checked it out, please do and tell me what you think! I want cooperation on everything that is posted on this blog, and I want this to become a community, and I want your opinion.