DKNG Poster Design Process

I can't express enough how much this inspires me. The illustration was great yes, but i'm more interested in the process. I liked seeing which windows poped up on the screen, and how you can tell the artist's rituals have been established. The way explosions plays while the process is being shown is interesting to me also, because I don't know how you could possibly be inspired to have a band as a client and not be listening to them while creating the piece. I am definetely going to video screen cap my next digital project, and i'll make sure to compare it to the process of this video. I'm sure when Scott watches it he'll get pretty impatient watching me doodle OCD like haha.

Crafty Site for Felicia

Click Image for Site

So I stumbled across this site and it had Felicia written all over it, theres some really cool shit in there.

FamilyTree Design Poster Series

This poster series brought to you by FamilyTreeDesign is very tight and clean, but also playful and fun.  These screen printed jems are available to buy (especially you Scott for the new home).  Definetely go to the site and check out all the posters, plus they have some glow in the dark ones that are amazing!


Counterparts Album "The Current Will Carry Us"

So stoaked on this right now.  This is one of my favorite band lately, theres something about their traditional blend of punk riffs and hardcore breakdowns that makes for the perfect recipe that creates a mean and meaningful sound.


Ducks tonight

Let's not let in 4 goals tonight!

and congrats to the solid late game defense from the boys in blue and white last night
I think it's because Canada doesn't really have fighter jets so its karma for false advertising.


Tarot Classics

So the new Surfer Blood is available for stream ad PMA.
It's about damn time and is sure to be outstanding. Ya it's only an ep but it's something and they are already working on their next full length album so hopefully that wont seen to take forever as well.

Structures "Divided by" album teaser

Shit these guys look like their having so much fun, and the music doesn't sound too bad. I have listened to their ep before and liked it, but I think this album is going to romp it.  Btw if you click the album art it will direct you to a download of the album yo.

Morning News

Johnny Craig is in jail.  He is being held on two counts of possession of narcotics, two counts of use of illegal drugs, and one count of failure to appear.  Dance Gavin Dance announced a hiatus until Craig figures out his stupid life.  I think this is a great opportunity to give him the boot and let Kurt Travis back in the band, who is a much better vocalist.  Johnny Craig: hope you get raped in jail.


Maven Jones "Another Year In The Garbage Can" EP

Click Image To Listen 

This is an EP just released by artist Maven Jones who is the guitarist of one of my favorite bands Horse the Band.  This isn't my style of music by any means, but its really creative and is great to work to.  I highly suggest you take  listen, especially you Nate.


Noah on Sons

So I was scrolling through the channels last night on my way to sleep and heard Noah Gundersen playing. I got all kinds of excited about that and then realized it was the end credits to Sons of Anarchy, which is still on my to do list. Good for him and them! Heres the song:


RIDE With Us


So the boys from Ride Snowboards have put together a webisode collection of videos of them filming. It's kind of interesting, and sort of funny. But this episode is really good, they get some sick shots, and finally show me why they are prozzz.

New Counterparts Video


I Had To

Bet Jory was pretty pissed it was Alonzo Tweedy that made that last tackle, the fact that it was all right at twilight was pretty insane too. Saw this shirt a few time's on tv today!



Stepchild Jib Stick


Together Gallery

So as I was checking, I realized that my man Timothy Karpinsky of TOGETHER GALLERY has worked his way up to art director of GNU. He designed the board I ride, and has been busy doing self projects at Together in Portland, and designing more boards for Gnu. So that led me to check out Together's website, and I found some really nice work there from Tim and his coworkers.