it will be a hit!

Who doesn't want more grindhouse? First Machete now this, so many creative ways to kill people....




The new Sufjan Stevens album leaked yesterday. As anticipated it is excellent all the way through. If you don't yet have it preorder it or something ;-). Do what you do and enjoy. As a treat, here's the 25.5 minute gem at the end.

Impossible Soul


I was once very excited to see the direction Burton was going. Great boards this year, great team, prices and graphics were at the top of the list too. Then I saw this today: Burton Method. I knew they were remaking the original "cool" snowboard. Didn't know about the $1500 price tag though. Don't worry, free shipping on orders $200 and up. Now I don't know what to think....shitty thing to do.




So after checking one of my favorite sites transworldsnowboarding I found this skater by the name of Dylan Rieder, and boy is he good. The short film captures everything creative about skateboarding, and the people that make it happen. When I watch people skate/snowboard like Dylan my foot taps faster as the video get longer until the end where I run out and grab my board and get to enjoy the freedom for myself. So now i'm out to do just that, hope you like the vid.

p.s check out the tunes in it listed in the creds.


great mixtape

I was wondering about over at listen before you buy and found a great mixtape he put up yesterday. He claims it reminds him of summer and I couldn't agree more. Here's all the song, a link to the download, and his post.


Air – “All I Need”
CEO – “Come With Me”
Cloud Nothings – “Even In The Summer”
Our Husband – “Villages”
The Doors – “Summer’s Almost Gone”
Brett Shady – “Angels, Ghosts And Demons”
Future Islands – “Beach Foam”
We Are Trees – “Sunrise Sunset”
The Concretes – “Warm Night”
Summer Camp – “Ghost Train”
The Drums – “Let’s Go Surfing”
Slow Animal – “Sanity”
The Beach Boys – “California Girls”
Best Coast – “When I’m With You”
Beach Fossils – “Sometimes”
The Very Best – “Warm Heart Of Africa” (featuring Ezra Koenig)
Jack Johnson – “Banana Pancakes”
Wild Nothing – “Summer Holiday”
No Joy – “No Summer”
Badly Drawn Boy“Cause A Rockslide”
Tennis – “Marathon”
Blackbird Blackbird – “Pure”
Yuck – “Automatic”
Memoryhouse – “Lately (Deuxieme)”
DOM – “Living In America”
Washed Out – “Feel It All Around”
Beirut – “Nantes”
Toro Y Moi“Blessa”
Gauntlet Hair – “I Was Thinking”
Burnt Ones – “I’m Gonna Listen To T-Rex (All Night Long)”
Harlem – “Gay Human Bones”
MGMT – “Time To Pretend”
Free Energy – “Bang Pop”
Cults – “Go Outside”
Girls – “Lust For Life”
Iron & Wine – “Naked As We Came”
Belle & Sebastian“Another Sunny Day”
Norah Jones – “Come Away With Me”
Coldplay – “Shiver”
The Kinks – “Sunny Afternoon”

Matt Taylor Illustration


it never ends

Here's more of "Fuck It". Twas made to be the trailer for itunes. Stevie Bell's head on a body builder should be enough of a reason to push through the horrible song. This thing better leak soon....

pleasant suprises

I've been noticing Warpaint's been getting a lot of press lately. I've tried a couple times, wasn't really getting it til tonight. As is common they reminded me of someone, kind of. Couldn't put my finger on it until later on I was getting my daily fill of "Cheers" propaganda and there it was, Sleigh Bells. Anyways, tomorrow is going to be a pretty mellow day as I now have something that's just happy and peaceful and will enhance the entire nice day in fall vibe.

here's the propaganda:

here's Warpaint:
Warpaint – Ashes to Ashes
Warpaint – Undertow

Thinking back, is wasn't Sleight Bells it was Now, Now Every Children so here's that:
Now Now Every Children – Not One, But Two
Now Now Every Children - Giants

Well I'm at it heres a good song by Memoryhouse too:
Memoryhouse - Lately (Deuxieme)


Naked & Famous

In my excess of work and need to listen to a 10 hour audio book by Wednesday, I haven't had a lot of time for newer music. At first glance this band really isn't my style. They've been floating around my playlist for a week or two and never really garnished any significant notice. Sure it's fairly catchy, has good beats, and a little something extra but so what, a lot of music is like that these days. Until tonight I had just assumed them to be the next La Roux. Then I suppose I heard the right song at the right time. Tonight it brought me back to one of the best times of my life when Devin and I were driving around the Northeast. I remember Lake Placid, my parking ticket in Burlington, Devin's then dream school (Castleton) and a couple songs: Yours to Keep by Teddybears Stockholm and Heartbeats by The Knife. There's obviously some similarities between The Naked & Famous and these bands but it's more the attitude of it all that makes me happy. Regardless, after I have the quiz on this book Wednesday, I know what I'm listening to my drive home.

The Naked & Famous – Young Blood


This made my shitty day a lot less shitty. I am almost ready to actually buy this one. There is little doubt in my mind that this will be the best or one of the best films of the year. The People Crew never disappoint and I don't see this year being any different.

First 3 of 10 Favorite Albums Series

This is the first 3 of a series of 10 favorite albums designs I just started. Hoe you enjoy, let me know what you think about my choices. This art work is not for sale, and is only a means of recreational design, and support for the artist's mentioned.



Ohh MCR, you never cease to amuse me with you mixed media approach to engage fans to buy the next album. I haven't really heard much in the last 5 years from them, but I liked the first two albums, and with this promo vid, i'm finally excited for another MCR album. The playful nature of the video along with it's bright colors and sick ending drew me in, and I guess i'll leave the album to do the rest. Don't give up on your middle school bands!


freelance whales

Yay for them becoming relevant in the the grand scheme of things. Why waste words with more words?


songs of the day

Here are couple songs that I've listened to at least 4 times each today. Also, I wanted to try a couple experiments.

The Tallest Man on Earth - The Drying of Lawns

his and lows

my headlights worked well together tonight as did did this great song from a very good band
The Russian Apartment - Queen of America

p.s. everything they have every done to my knowledge is for free here "here"

p.s.s. i would kill for the wallpaper on the bandcamp


16 minutes

Russ Chimes has a new EP coming out and he put it to film. The three parts/ tracks are well worth 16 minutes ish of your life so enjoy.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



The Tallest Man on Earth

He has a new EP and it has a great new single. Being I am a pretty large fan of his collective work I will post said single from said EP "Sometimes the Blues is Just a Passing Bird". Also I found His cover of Paul Simon's "Graceland", which may or may not be one of the best songs ever.

The Tallest Man on Earth - Like the Wheel
The Tallest Man on Earth - Graceland (Paul Simon cover)


Through the grapevine of social networking tools, I found out that Summer People has a brand new website. Summer People is a band from all over NY, including Binghamton, where Nate and I live. (authors of worthy) But anyways, as I was searching the new site, I found out theres a free show in Syracuse thursday, if your a local check it out on their site for details.



new movie time!

In honor of premier week, which is when all the new snowboarding films are released and is this week/weekend, here are some teasers and clips from the year's most anticipated.
In no particular order:

Transworld - In Color

Thepeoplecrew - Cheers just a random video from them because the lazy asses didn't put out a teaser (jp walker's fault I'm sure)

Finger on da trigger/ MFM - The Arena Dev will love this one

Absinthe - Now/Here amazing line-up

Videograss - Bon Voyage sure to be a spectacle of jibbery

Standard - The Storming Probably the best back country movie ever, we'll see

Volcom - 9191

Forum - Fuck It ya again

Lyrics and Type

What we have here is a great design piece consisting of lyrics that were specifically chosen for this piece. It's part of a series of typographic treatments of lyrics by only the best illustrators and designers. This piece was done by Toko Design. This ones definetely going in my inspiration folder.

New music night?

I guess a couple of my most anticipated new releases leaked last night but your going to have to find them for yourself, I believe both are on strikegently if its really a problem. Regardless Chromeo's "Business Casual" is Chromeo being themselves. From my extensive single run through of the album they've go a couple great ones and a couple flops, but whatever it's still new Chromeo which is always fun and I'm sure will get worn out in the coming winter months. Also, the quality of the leak was shit, somebody get on that.

Chromeo - Don't Turn the Lights On

Chromeo – Night By Night
Aeroplane - She is a Superstar (ft. Chromeo) (not on cd)

And then this morning I wake up to Flamingo. If you even try to say you weren't at least curious how this would turn out, fuck you. Haven't finished it yet but I'm pleased with what I hear. It's a bit more mellow and folk based than The Killers, and there will always be room in my library for that. Brandon Flowers does well, I can see it getting old after about 20 plays in a row. I guess we'll have to see though.

Brandon Flowers - Only The Young (Jesse Marco & Cool Cat Mix) (not on the cd)
Brandon Flowers – Crossfire

Lastly I found this band called The fling on Blalock's last night and really like what I have heard thus far so here is basically a repost of that. Blalock's

The Fling - Strangers



Heres a fun little browser game where you get to see what life as a pixel is like. PLAY


Excited again

Don't know that I'm feeling the vibe yet but it looks like solid snowboarding and Forum never disappoints. Also, Pat Moore.

New Chiodos

No more Craig Owens, but I guess they don't really care. Pretty impressive new stuff....still nothing will ever compare to Thermacare. After all the changes they've had they still put out a distinct sound. Never hearing the song before or their new vocalist you can always just tell it's them. With all the new and similar bands these days that's the most impressive thing of all.

Chiodos - Modern Wolf Hair

Chiodos - Thermacare