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Lucas Magoon is a Warrior

So I have been a little disloyal to Transworld Snowboarding's website, and I have been checking out Snowboarder Ma'gs website and finding a lot of good new stuff.  This here is the one and only Lucas Magoon on an episode of "Crewzin."  People like Goon inspire the shit out of me, because they don't take things for granted, and put their whole heart into what they love.


Children of Cybertron video by Emmure

Is Frankie picking on Dr. Acula?

Damien Correll

Accompanied with descriptions, here are a couple examples of New York City based designer Damien Correll.  The way he simply explains the concept to the viewer visually is refreshing for me to see.  It seems like now days if your work is simple and minimal than it isn't as strong, which by looking at Damiens work is obviously not true.  What is Ironic is the piece he did to explain his year is the third piece down, which tells you the machine in his head isn't quite as simple.  I also really enjoy his illustration on how man deals with the unknown and the idea of never knowing who or why we are.

Cock Fight Full Video


wow. Can I shred already?!



The people you'll see there:

if you're lucky....


Giro, Minnesota or Bust

Crazy sons of bitches.

Edward Benz, 27 Times

Enter Shikari Premiere: SSSNAKEPIT video

Nixon Jibfest Returns!

If you forgot or don't know about the Nixon Jibfest, it started in the early 2000's by riders Jeremy Jones, JP Walker and the Mack Dawg Crew, which brought all of the best urban shredders to one place for a weekend with pro rider designed opsticals. I still have the vhs from the 2001 Jibfest, and let me tell you it is still relevant. The whole means of the contest get together is to progress the sport in the urban environment with the best of the now, and i'm glad to see that still includes JJ and JP, and Seth Huot which have always been my heroes. Click the Jibfest logo above to go to the website and video.


cops are here

I know it's been out for a while but I've listened to it enough to realize it's one of the better songs they've recorded, though it was written by LCD Soundsystem. So here is "All My Friends". Check out 10 years, 10 days, 10 covers by them if you'd like. They did a good job proving no matter who sings anything by miley cyrus its still awful and you should be embarrassed by the music industry....yep. and congratulations skizzy.

Tokyo Police Club - All My Friends (LCD Soundsystem)


Emery "The Chevel Glass" video

This song just like the rest of Emery's newest album is sick as fuck. The only problem I have is the transitions between the heavy and mellow, a little to stark but whatever I still like it.


A Lot Like Birds

"Afterbang" the video that changed snowboarding

RobotFood - Snowboard Afterbang 2002 from Artemiy Lance on Vimeo.

Pierre Wickberg is my favorite snowboard movie maker guy, and you might know him by the Gymkhana videos he does as well. But anyways he and some rad snowboarders who you will see in the video above created Robot Food Productions, which threw the game a curveball and forever changed snowboard videos. The whole take on the videos is great music and editing to go along with it, amazing cinemetography, and the way Pierre interacts with the camera/snowboarder relationship. Robot Food movies didn't show you banger after banger, instead it showed pros having fun snowboarding hanging out with their friends, and yeah a couple bangers. The lifestyle of the snowboarder was incorporated more in the videos as well, which made them more human and connected to the viewers life much better. There is something so much more when you watch a Robot Food video, it gives me chills everytime. My favorite video of all time is "Afterlame" which is the third and last robot video, but here I wanted to show you the first one entitle "Afterbang" to show you the birth of Robot Food productions.


Anthony Green Duet

Here's Anthony Green performing a new song entitled "Violent Waves" with his kid adding its own input.


Touche Amore tour

10/28 Gainesville, FL – Double Down Live (“The Fest 10“)
10/31 Pembroke Pines, FL – The Talent Farm (feat. Circle Takes The Square)
11/01 Orlando, FL – The Haven (feat. Circle Takes The Square)
11/02 Birmingham, AL – The Firehouse (feat. Circle Takes The Square)
11/03 New Orleans, LA – Dragon’s Den
11/05 Austin, TX – Fun Fun Fun Fest
11/07 Dallas, TX – Herman Hall
11/08 Oklahoma City, OK – The Conservatory
11/09 Albuquerque, NM – Gasworks
11/13 Los Angeles, CA – EchoPlex
11/14 San Francisco, CA – Submission Art Space
11/16 Portland, OR – Branx
11/17 Seattle, WA – Vera Project
11/18 Boise, ID – Jabber Mouth
11/19 Ogden, UT – The Basement
11/20 Denver, CO – Blast-O-Mat
11/22 Omaha, NE – Waiting Room
11/23 Chicago, IL – Beat Kitchen
11/25 Cleveland, OH – Now That’s Class
11/26 Pittsburgh, PA – Smiling Moose
11/27 Detroit, MI – Smalls
11/28 Toronto, ON – Sneaky Dees
11/29 Montreal, QC – Underworld
11/30 Boston, MA – Middle East Upstairs
12/01 New York City, NY – Santos Party Haus
12/02 Purchase, NY – Purchase University
12/03 Philadelphia, PA – Broad Street Ministries
12/04 Washington DC – Red Palace
12/05 Charlotte, NC – Tremont
12/06 Columbia, SC – New Brookland Tavern
12/07 Wilmington, NC – Soapbox
12/08 Nashville, TN – Rocketown
12/09 Memphis, TN – Escape Alley Sundry
12/10 St. Louis, MO – Fubar
12/11 Lawrence, KS – Jackpot Music Hall


The Art of Flight premiere photos

The crew got together in nyc and showed off their work of art for the first time, heres some photos.


Emery "Scissors"

Couldn't say I saw this one coming, I really dig the backup yeller and the style of the whole song. It brought back memories but was still contemporary.


Parkway Drive Unrest Video

Haven't listened to this album much at all, but its a pretty good live video and the breakdown at the end is pretty awesome.

Attila's new video for "Smokeout"


Snowboard Graphics 2011

        2011 has brought some great snowboard art, heres a small selection that stuck out for me.

My favorite Rides, gotta gotta see the buyers guide man, tis excellent.

Members from several "metal" bands collaberate = SHIT

The lyrics say shit like this is the new sound of music and that they are creating history. Are you fucking kidding me? If I wanted to listen to this bullshit I would go back to 8th grade a throw some Attack Attack! on. At least they were somewhat the originators, and didn't try to convince you they were making history. The truth is this music has been history for a couple years now.

The Plot In You "Miscarriage" video

This video is much less gruesome than their last, and more concept based. The band tends to be a little "brutal" in their lyrics and videos, but it's only because they have strong opinions.

Betraying The Martyrs “Man Made Disaster” video

Something about the height at which the song stays at 90% of the time, and those blast beats battling the whaling guitars has got me kind of into this song. The video on the other hand is your standard video, and I don't have anything alse to say. ha

Balance and Composure Acoustic

Here's Balance and Composure performing a cover of the Smiths song "Big Mouth Strikes Again."


Our Time Down Here "Revelations" video

Can't say enough good things about these punk rockers, England didn't fail me with this one. It's pretty standard punk/thrash, but theres something about it thats keeps my mind racing and wanting more. I'll figure it out and get back to you.

Tiefighter "Everything" video

Thanks spotify for helping me find these guys. This song is actually one of there more mellow ones, the other get down and dirty with the kickdrum on occasion.


Here's a nice way to kill your day

If your bored, because I don't have that option in life at the moment. Check out all these on ESPN no less. Just an extension of Devin's post last week but still great! I don't remember seeing "The Art of Flight" on there but I didn't look that hard and everyone who reads this has probably seen that trailer by now anyways. Regardless, here's a list of a bunch of snowboard videos coming out this fall with their trailers.


edit: I guess i'm a bit dumb being "The Art of Flight" is 1st on the list.