I'm a sucker for techno

So I've heard this song rolling around for a bit and its really starting to stick with me. Crystal Castles new album was solid in my opinion and is just screaming for more remixes such as this, and empathy better be one of them.

Crystal Castles – “Baptism” (Dirty Sky Symphony Megatron Remix)


Bored to Death

This is a great show to get away from your dramatics like Dexter and well... thats the only dramatic show I watch, but I'm seriously excited for my shows to start airing again. Bored to Death is a sure classic, and I think it's because of the relationship between the characters, especially Danson and Schwartzman, and Zach always throws in pure comedy to top it off. Watch it.



new washed out video

Washed Out is one of my favorite "chillwave" artists, great music, great remixes, etc....this is a video of clips from his summer 2009 tour to one of his better songs "hold out" pitchfork described it very well here. Love his home studio sitting infront of the window, in the video though. Check it out for yourself.

Also, here's a couple other songs by him.
Washed Out - You and I (feat. Caroline Polachek from Chairlift)
Washed Out - New Theory
Washed Out - Feel it All Around (Toro y Moi mix)

Colour Revolt Live Session

Just became a member of www.daytrotter.com and found a sick Colour Revolt session. I know it's a year old, shut up I found it first.


Bad Books

Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra, Andy Hall and all, have a new band called Bad Books. This new band now has a song out and here it is.
Bad Books - Please Move

Plus another bad books song!
Bad Books - You Wouldn't Have to Ask


The Walking Dead

Heres the new zombie series on AMC called "The Walking Dead." Looks very similar to any other zombie film, but I think the cinematography in this one will make it more intense than you used to.



gladiator meets gauges

So this is BMTH's new attempt at being "epic". I DO like it, I DON'T know why. I guess it's because Oli is kind of the man and his voice is moderately unique though the lyrics aren't always impressive. Anyways, here's something you've sort of heard before but haven't, ¿comprende?


Arcade Fire

Kevin Devine...wow

I don't mean to sound excited, but this video and song made me become a huge KD fan.



error operator

So I've stumbled across this song in a few different circumstances: discovering, driving, flying in a plane, just listening to music. Every time I've been very intrigued. So I'm just going to say its a little bit creative, a little questionable, and a pretty decent amount of awesome. Enjoy

Error Operator - Follow

Bat for Lashes Video Contest

Bat For Lashes visuals from Treat on Vimeo.


wild nothing

It was brought to my attention that wild nothing was once called facepaint, a blacksburg based band. Apparently I was too damn lazy to go see then and want to knock my teeth out with my knee because of it. Anyways here they be.

Wild Nothing - Golden Haze
(upcoming album)

Wild Nothing - Summer Holiday (from Gemini)

Wild Nothing - Cloudbusting (Kate Bush Cover)

another creepy video

the song is ok but the video is pretty nice
not overly original but it just kind of works

Dance Gavin Dance

Dance Gavin Dance is going back with original vocalist Johnny Craig. Me personally would like to see them make another album with Kurt Travis, I think the Death Star Album was the best. But whatever, Johnny was pretty damn good with them also. we'll see whatsup when the record comes out.




My boy Nick Crocker AKA nickkayy. click here for the fancy myspace. http://www.myspace.com/nickkayymusic



Between Two Ferns

Hilarious new episode to Zach Galifianakis' show "Between Two Ferns," featuring Steve Carell!

ps. If this is your first time watching this show, check out the Michael Cera interview. yikes


kanye w/ bon iver

read this?

this makes me actually intrigued to hear something that was formally titled "good ass job"....especially being i got to drink where kanye had his birthday party a couple months back

but anyways long story short for those who choce not to "read this?" justin vernon from bon iver is on kanye's new album

Conan to TBS

Conan Obrien "Coco" is coming back to television in November on TBS. Rad.


worth a repost

Band T's

I'm trying to make it a point to start buying band T's again. Ive been looking at some band merch from www.merchnow.com, and this is what I found that I liked design wise.




pretty morning to be above the clouds for the sunrise.
also a nice day to adventure into Chicago for the first time. The city is massive and very different than I expected. We'll see what else I can find in the week. All the pictures I can post will be from my cell phone as I forgot my digital camera cable and memory card.

Also, here's a couple nice songs for riding on public transportation

Frends - Toronto
Frends - Average camps
Cults - Oh My God by Nialler9

you can always rely on the classics

The last post i had written was about my troubles in finding an artist that was suitable for the situation i was in. Im glad to tell you the problem was resolved when i scrolled by "Bright Eyes." Led by frontman Conor Oberst is a magical band that you must have heard of by now. With a voice that many argue is horrible to the ears, just easily flows in mine and is absorbed in the brain. Conor is currently in a band called "Monsters of Folk," a band i also dig very much.


music in my life

as i scroll up and down in a rapid manner nervously looking for an artist to listen to. No this isn't for background music, there really is no such thing for me, therefore sometimes it becomes really hard for me to decide who to listen to. Whatever i'm listening to at the moment is playing for a reason, some days are worse than others. Today I can't decide for shit what to listen to... Do i need more music or do i need to delete? I think i'm going to delete another 15 or so artists that i'm sure i will never give a chance. I just really can't stand music that isn't intense in it's own way. As for now i'm listening to a very intense Jesse Lacey live acoustic.. that always works for me.


ride snowboards 2011

So Ride's new line is out and being I bought one last year i checked them out, at first glance the manic (pictured) is my favorite, but they did a pretty great job in general, the machete had some solid improvements also. ridesnowboards

plus this
Small Black - Despicable Dogs

untitled01 from Devin Fernandez on Vimeo.

This is Nate and Devun in Oswego, ny throwing sticks. These fellows are the two contributors to this blog. Both of them will be posting, their heads are very different, and also very similar. Just thought we would clear things up, thanks for following!


another attempt

will it work?

Dangermouse and Sparklehorse - Little Girl feat. Julian Casablancas


closest thing to summer work

Started a blog today, but somehow it was created yesterday. Currently signing up for worthyofexplosions" twitter, fbook, and all those other fancy sites.


we created it