good job

she win's again

Arcade Fire – The Suburbs (Mr. Little Jeans Cover)

wolf gang's new vidja

I was actually pretty into this song some months back. The video isn't overly interesting but it kind of screams Rick Astley to me. I'm not sure if that was intentional or even legitimate being I'm not too versed in Rick Astley. Pretty simple and uninteresting video, though not as bad as I make it sound.


The Accidental Sea

Heres a short film about the Salton Sea and it's history. Narrated and shot by Ransom Riggs who does an amazing job putting it all together in this very interesting short film, it is something I really enjoyed and would like to witness for my own eyes.



This short film I found on thefoxisblack, and i really enjoy it. The cinematography first stole my attention as well as the attention to detail with the numerous variables and situations that would eventually climax. I'm such a sucker for after effects and kinetic typography as well as physics which are really interactive and playful in this film, especially the use of the tweets that worked in a genuine way. The fact that the guy is trying to figure out such elaborate solutions in order just to see a glimpse of the girls presence is really powerful, and it was a really good way to wrap up the short. Leave some comments of short films that you have found and enjoyed, because I really like a good short, and rarely come upon them.




New to me

No idea how late I am or might not be with these guys. Regardless here's a pretty talented band called: Legacy. Really can't get my head around the current obsession with clear vocals. If they go in the right direction, the opposite if where for the fallen went, they have the potential to be something special. Here's "Demons".


he's better

than everyone else.....he just is

The Vaccines

Random. Fire, sex, and riding horses like a boss. All the things you need for a great music video.



Just discovered this little gem. I can't believe I've never even heard this bands name before. Definitely worth a listen.

Texas in July on Leno?

If only...but pretty close. Texas in July's drummer Adam Gray will be performing a skit called "Does This Thrill Bill," in which he tries to impress William Shatner with this little trick, on Leno tonight. Now if only they'd let the whole band play. I'd love to see Shatner throw down.


I miss 2003 when Thursday and mediocre couldn't be mentioned in the same sentence. Its just so bland and forgettable now. Click the link to watch their new music video on Alternative Press (because I can't figure out how to embed the video) or do yourself a favor and skip that for a couple classics you probably haven't listened to in a while.

Thursday-Magnets Caught In A Metal Heart

Living With Lions

This band plays pop punk the way it was meant to be. Their new album "Holy Shit" was released today. Go check it out here. Also, here's an article about it if reading is your thing.

AP Article

New Bon Iver

New track from Bon Iver's upcoming EP. Visit his website for a free download.

Foster The People

Found out about this band after listening to some XM Radio. Checked em out and actually liked a poppy band for once. Also on the front page of it-leaked is the new album called Torches.


Got a Problem?


New August Burns Red

Click the link below to visit August Burns Red's facebook page and listen to a new song entitled "Empire". I can not wait for this album on June 21st. Jake's vocals are getting pretty mean.

Listen: August Burns Red-Empire

Touché Amoré

Here's Touché Amoré's new video for "Home Away From Here". The video is made up of 65,000 photos taken while they were on tour. It's definitely not my favorite song by them, but it's worth a watch. I have been listening to this band nonstop lately and can't wait for June 7th to roll around to get my hands on their new album "Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me". If you dig it check out another song off the album and some tracks off their last release "To the Beat of a Dead Horse".

Touche Amore "Tilde" by deathwishinc


this happened

Well, how about that......Austin Carlisle may be an ass, and if he wrote this, he writes about the worst chorus' I've ever heard. I was once excited to hear this album after he got kicked out then came back and stuff. So, bad job! At least the rest of it's not quite as bad but the chorus make's it just about unbearable. Maybe things will change tomorrow.......they didnt



Here are a few tracks that have been rattling around in my head the last few days. I guess I've had a bit of an 80's remake feel going on but oh well, you'll get over it.

Hall and Oats - Out of Touch (It's The DJ Kue Remix!).mp3

The Cloud Room - Hey Now Now (RAC Mix).mp3

Digitalism - 2 Hearts.mp3

Penguin Prison - Fair Warning (Oliver Remix).mp3

Gypsy & The Cat - The Piper's Song (Aeroplane Tape Remix).mp3

Niki & The Dove - Gentle Roar (Mylo remix).mp3


Holy Ghost!

I guess I was oblivious to the full album leaking a few days ago and didn't catch on til yesterday. Of the 500 songs I threw on my ipod yesterday its definitely one of the albums I'm most excited for. If you haven't checked it out yet heres your chance with a pretty unique concept video for their single on the new self titled album, "Wait and See", as well as a slightly older track, "Hold On", that I got on the How to Make it in America mixtape that Cudi made.

Holy Ghost! - Hold On
Holy Ghost! - Wait and See


Skiing is for Swedish People

You gotta get creative at the end of the season. These Swedish kids and their tight pants have come up with some of the most creative stuff I've ever seen.

Real Skifi Episode 3 from Janne Korpela on Vimeo.


I Wish NIN Was This Good

Brand New performed Nine Inch Nails "Wish" on their short tour through Pennsylvania a couple weeks ago and proved that anything they touch turns to gold. The crowd seems too busy holding up cell phones and waiting for anything off Deja to be played to enjoy the song though.

Simple Math Video

This is one of the best music videos ive seen in a long time, and it just happens to be my favorite song off the new Manchester Orchestra album Simple Math


Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi

I know what I will be studying to today//
click here for RomeAlbum website


Imagine Dragons

Found these guys today, you could say i'm in a mellow mood. This song sounds something like Coldplay mixed with Arcade Fire. The rest of their stuff is actually more upbeat and less chorus-based, but I still dig this song. Check out their newest album Its Time



XXX Merch

I have been checking out some merch for a while looking for a hoodie to add to my collection, and I found it. The one I bought a couple minutes ago is of course the For the Fallen Dreams hoodie above. I think the design is pretty swell, and the back is kind of cliche for a hardcore band, but that's sort of why I like it. I really like the new style that is being offered by the designers at merch connection inc. They have a shephard Fairy kind of thing going on with their use of bold type that is closely stacked, but orderly. I threw up some other hoodies and shirts that I thought carried out the same design style very well. Also I had to throw in a funny A Plea For Purging shirt, and figured either Nate or Scott would buy it lol.




This video is definitely worth the watch. It's got it all, from atv backflips in GTA Vice City to a creepy toothless guy. This music from Theme park is pretty decent as well. "A Mountain We Love" (video) starts off slow but kicks in after a bit. "Milk" is bit weird but I see the appeal. That will follow the video.

It was coming eventually

Here's the lead song on Manchester's upcoming "Simple Math", which is/was about as anticipated as can be.

It's so very Andy Hull, great lyrically, mellow musically. Just a sample for whats there in case you haven't heard it yet.
Also, "I acted like an asshole so my albums would never burn
But I'm hungry now, and the scraps are dirty dirt".
Is he taking a hit illegal downloading or something? woops. I feel bad that the man can't find anything better to eat than dirt though....

edit: It's called Deer, forgot to mention that.


Good Work Music

I was listening to Stereomood on the channel "working" and this came up, digged' it.


Where I'm At

Slave away, for the price of your youth you can earn yourself a dying wage.
You're worth your weight in the sweat that you spill for the good of the company
At the end of the night counting on your smokebreaks
You seem to move a lot of product but the product doesn't move anyone,
and that's the honest to god damned truth.
Did you answer the call when it came or did you call it a day?

Like my father, he buried his passion,
sacrificed the twelve-bar blues to take on the real world.
At dawn I awoke to go back to the clockwork
where I sing my songs to whoever will listen.
A glimpse of the good life beyond 9 to 5
to the has-beens, the no ones, civilians and children.
On the company dime, burning all your smokebreaks
You seem to move a lot of product but the product doesn't move...

Trudge on, workhorse.
God help you all you're just getting by.
You run like a river without a prize in your sights.
Bleed on. Bleed on. Bleed yourself dry..

This road is my bridge,
She will wreck your life.
It's for me to decide,
how you'll wreck your life.
Cut the Queen, just try.
She will wreck your life.
It's for me to decide.
How you'll wreck your life.
Cut the Queen, just try.
She will wreck your life.
It's my life to wreck in my own way


Who Broke the Free Pears!


Torey Pudwill > Battle Commander

Torey is the new battle commander down at The Berrics, and you know what comes with being the new battle commander; a short film edit at the Berrics. This is astonishing, much love Pudwill you goofy bastard.


Present for Devun

Norma Jean's brand new video for "Bastardizer". Courtesy of