In celebration of the most stressful Christmas I remember, here is my favorite Christmas song. Also being used as an excuse to try out dropbox.

August Burns Red - Carol of the Bells


rural alberta

In the spirit of hockey and great music, as well as not writing the report I have due tomorrow, here's the new The Rural Alberta Advantage song, "Stamp". Their new album will be out early next year and I for one can't wait. One of my favorite bands of a couple years ago by far so here's a couple classics from them also, because I can and all.

The Rural Alberta Advantage – Stamp
The Rural Alberta Advantage – Don´t Haunt This Place
The Rural Alberta Advantage - In The Summertime

ceo video

found this ceo video on gorillavsbear, it's one of my favorite songs by them and the video is fairly well done. almost makes me with the ground wasn't white so i could play some tennis......almost
anyways check 'em out if your that out of the loop


here we go

here's a plethora of pissed......not necessarily the best, just the available

Royal - Hello Android

I, The Breather - The Common Good

Adeste - Numbers

For the Fallen Dreams - Strange Faces

In with the Hardcore

So ive been checking some blogs around the web, and needless to say, everyone seems to be posting about the same type of music. So ive decided to stop holding off with my love with hardcore, and to start posting some of that shit too. Heavy music is what gets me through each day. Dealing with idiots and people who I genuinely disagree with (mostly the slackers in my art/design classes) each day is justified when my shitty headphones rattle the machine gun double bass and chest pumping chugs of rhythm guitar directly to my eardrums. Anyways, it's obvious that everyone is interested in this trippy, neo-indie whatever, and yes I like some of it a lot, but it just doesn't strike that chord in me yet. All i'm ranting about basically is that I'm gunna post some heavy stuff, k? Then maybe you can be as pissed as me?


still lazy

Here's a song i cant get out of my head, and we have a wallpaper done...but who knows what the deal with that is.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, good luck finding this ep to download, household goods is better than the others though in my opinions.

Household Goods

How Far

Waulking Song

Critisize (iTunes Bonus Track)