Cudi leak

In honor of The Man on the Moon II leaking, here is song done by A-trak and the man as well as a better new song by Lupe and A-trak.

A-Trak Ft. Kid Cudi – “Catch Up”
A-Trak Ft. Lupe Fiasco – “Me and My Sneakers”


Thanks everyone

I just wanted to throw a little thanks out there for everyone that's been stopping by. I feel as though were starting to dig out our own little niche in the blog world. A couple big things have been happening in the past week. We've gotten a couple plugs on other blogs including out friend Felicia's tumblr. We're now read in 5 countries and 15 states. The other day I received our first copyright infringement notice, for a post with 7 songs and no mention of what song the notice was for. We even got our first request for someones music to be put on the blog. Exciting stuff right?!

All this happened on the week where both Devin and I have been extremely busy as well. I'm currently in a pretty boring class so I'll try to throw in a few findings from the past week.

1st: Skins is going to be on MTV. Devin had a HUGE skins kick this summer and it really showed potential I just never got around to it. Now I can catch is on the channel I refuse to watch, aside from the promise of Jenks. Even if it wont have all it's foul language and nudity it might be worth the effort.
watch online

2nd: New Local Natives video. I'm going to shove this down Devin's throat. Summer days like that are winter days for us.

3rd: New Lupe song/album announcement. Album will be released on March 8th. Song doesn't just sample Modest Mouse, it basically imitates the entire song. I like what he's trying but it doesn't really work in my opinion. however, it does show a lot of potential for the album in which Lupe is sure not to disappoint.
Lupe Fiasco- Show Goes On

4th: Here's just a couple random song that I think should be heard. Also, i forgot what else I was going to say. Who knows, there may be more added to this post later.
MillionYoung - Carlissian
Tapes 'n Tapes - Freak Out
Fyfe Dangerfield – Faster Than The Setting Sun


foriegn names

I don't know how i feel about his style but it sure is quite clean.


Stefan Glerum

While surfing this morning to find my daily dose of inspiration, I came upon Amsterdam based Illustrator/Designer Stefan Glerum. His Style is very unique and fresh with the way he uses shape and color. I really liked these posters for a disco event, but make sure to check out his portfolio site cus' theres plenty more.



Snowboard Video

MADE IN AMERICA-HD from Never Summer on Vimeo.


Snowboarding is all that has been on my mind lately, and how much it is going to help me cope with this crazy semester. Until that snow starts falling, this new website called will have to hold us over fellow shredders. I suggest checking out their nice desktop wallpapers.



New Freelance Whales

"Freelance Whales have just released a new track titled Enzymes through Green Label Sound. Here's what lead singer Judah Dadone has to say about the track "originally mocked up on a laptop in the van, as a way of messing around with alternate time signatures… we were just rehearsing this song a few weeks ago, and now it’s recorded. And it will be released for free, which just feels right,” The track doesn't stray away too far from their original sound. Maybe more to come soon? Give the track a listen below." -BIRP

Freelance Whales - Enzymes


stuff that are things

Not much needs to be said about this The Knife cover.

However, why are people just catching onto King Charles now? I know its entirely unrelated it just ruffles my feathers. I saw it posted in a blog the other day, though it had been out for months and suddenly it tops hypemachine? People need to learn to figure things out for themselves...there's more to it than the chain effect.

“Love Lust”


speaking of rap thats good

here is cudi's new video for those who have yet to see it

as a bonus i'll throw in surfer blood's cover of i'm not ready

Wiz Khalifa

I'm pretty pumped to see Wiz Khalifa is back it it. Back in the day (a whole 2 years ago) I was really into his track "Say Yeah", "Better Off Alone" by Alice Deejay ,the beat sampled was among the first I learned to play on keys. I've read he has a new cd with Atlantic records coming out in early '11. Rap isn't really my thing but theres a few artists I like to keep tabs on. This album will definitely be on my radar. He's the 1st single off the upcoming release.

Wiz Khalifa – Black & Yellow
Wiz Khalifa - Say Yeah

Unrelated, I got really into Bedouin Soundclash today. Though the songs been bouncing around my playlists for a couple weeks, I didn't get a chance to really appreciate it till today when it helped me get through a migraine today. It was followed by "Heaven" by Abandon All Ships, they paired well.

Bedouin Soundclash - Brutal Hearts (feat. Coeur De Pirate)

Banksy's & The Simpsons

So if you don't know who Banksy is, he is a well known graffiti artist from Bristol, England. His work is based on political issues, and believe me, he holds nothing back. Recently he was able to get his hands on the Simpson's opening scene, where he makes 20th Century Fox the victim. As stated by popular Designer/Blogger KitsuneNoir , the strategy of Fox is strange to let Banksy do this, but who knows what their up to.



more and more

I've got a pretty one track mind right now. Low budget and all but the fun's still there.



Danny and the Dingo's new season is still a bit away. However, the wonderful people at ride emailed me with a new webisode type thing deal. It's not as good but who knows what will come of it. Especially with how ripped he is at the end.