Kevin Devine has a new album entitled "Between the Concrete & Clouds" coming out soon. Here is a video featuring Grace Kibby from M83:

Here is a link to see more videos of music from his upcoming album.
-Thanks facebook

Photo Memories

Totally forgot that I took these photos a couple months ago, I vow to stop neglecting my camera.



Pork and Jeans

design by Pork and Jeans

Jamie Mills Illustrations

Jamie Mills is a wonderful(ooo i like that word!)  illustrator who has a style that is so contemporary and fresh(that word too) while keeping ageless techniques of drawing with pencil and pen in her work.  The colorful geometric shapes that are built up around scenes of nature rendered clearly with the hand of the artist that contradict each other and make it interesting to see in the same place.  She isn't afraid to be bold, and has a lot of meaning behind her work.  I would love to doodle in a cafe like a hipster with her.



 Happy Birthday to Deja Entendu, Brand New's second 
 album which is French for "alread heard."  Deja showed the 
 bands maturity grow from their first album entitled 
 Your Favorite Weapon, and was a major hit with fans and 
 was certified gold nearly four years after it's release.

 I personally have enjoyed this album for the full eight years, 
 and couldn't imagine where my musical taste would
 be without Deja being a stepping stone.  This album will 
 always have a place in my heart, and is going to be my 
 go-to album to spark memories in my head of the times
 when my friends and I were free.

Edit: Here's a review pitchfork did on it back in '03. It's good for some laughs at least. -Nate


True Widow

I remember scott telling me he had been waiting for True Widow's album to leak and so I got it myself and finally listened to it the other night working on a design project, and it really got me in the zone along with a couple cups of coffee. The first vid is put together so damn well. The shot with the vocalist in the spotlight to her face brings me back to the 90's darker side with bands such as Candlebox. The second video was on the lighter side and really makes me miss winter, and the girl in it makes me want to meet a girl like her.. aren't i so deeeep. But anyways I really dig the jams.

More Band Posters

Heres some more band posters I just found, hope you like them as much as me.

I must have this

Someday, within the next 15ish years I will. None of the technology is too crazy just very tedious at the moment. Anyways, imagine having this hanging from your ceiling as your going to sleep or this displaying the news for you when you wake up in the morning. It would be like the globe of all information and beautiful ambiance. Go Japanese ambition!


america > canada


That whiskey burns going down 
Old man pour me another round 
Cause it’s my last night in town 
And I ain’t thinking of slowing down. 
No, I am fixing to drown 

Till I see the sun or I can’t see 
Cause I got the blues and the blues got me 
I’m gonna make my momma proud 
Her boy on the front lines 
And just like my daddy done 
I ain’t afraid to die. 

I ain’t afraid to die. 
I ain’t no fortunate one 
But I’m proud of what I’ve done. 
Hardships, I’ve seen some 
I ain’t a coward I don’t turn and run 
I don’t turn and run. 

So I stumble home 
Pack up my old memories 
Pictures of ma 
My daddy’s flask she gave me 
Keep it near your heart 
She would always say 
It’s all he left
And that’s where it’ll stay. 
And her leatherbound 
Book of psalms and prayers 
She would always read 
With patience and care. 
A short walk to the cemetery 
To pay respects before I leave 
1901 to 1943 
I run my fingers through her name 
And the effigy. 

The sun is up 
It’s all I see 
Cause I got the blues 
And they still got me. 
Yeah they still got me 
I’m gonna make my momma proud 
Her hopeful new recruit 
And just like my daddy done 
I’m gonna bleed red, white and blue 
I’m gonna bleed red, white and blue 
I’m gonna bleed red, white and blue 
I’m gonna bleed red, white and blue 
I’m gonna bleed red, white and blue



"Check out to hear one of our heaviest songs to date! It's called "Poor Millionaire" and we hope you love it!"


and here's The Devil still doin their thing as good as ever

Happy Birthday

better than the radio she listens to at least, last years was ignored so this is an attempt to get at least a 2nd listen

credit to Devin for design and track organization


Theme Park - A Mountain We Love

A few weeks ago I posted this video. I looked a decent amount and couldn't find the actual mp3 and couldn't get the mp3 to rip from vimeo. Well, today I remembered and through a series of attempts I figured it all out. So, here it is in case anyone else is in the same boat.

Theme Park - A Mountain We Love.mp3


New August Burns Red merch is getting me pretty excited.


Arson Our Savior - Black Diamonds

Dev and I've been listening to this song and I wan't so see if the linking with twitter and facebook fingers crossed.


Tour Posters from: Bandito Design

Bandito Is a design company that puts out some really good work. I was fumbling around today and fell upon some posters by Bandito Design. I really like their clean and simple style, and the way they use their negative/positive space to keep it interesting. I suggest you either buy a print from the shop or by me one for my birthday:)


don't doubt

hall & oates....just sayin
ya i'm drunk...look at their collection and doubt me...see what happens



A lot of bands could learn something from Gideon. This is such a simple song/video and its just perfect.

I Hate Buffering

Let me know if this is good, my internet is shit and won't load it.


Here's a nice little cover Deception of a Ghost did of Katy Perry's Firework, courtesy of tapthatcore.


I guess we've been slacking a bit and I've watched this video about 30 times in the past week so here's a nice trip back to a few years ago.